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What is the Perfect Dose of Kratom?

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

How much kratom should I take?

This is a very common question that we get asked all the time and the answer is different for everybody. The dose of kratom that you take is just as important as what strain you take. Kratom dosage is so important because the effects of kratom can vary drastically between a low dose and a high dose. There are many factors to consider when choosing the right dose; Do you have a full stomach or an empty stomach? What are your desired effects? What strain are you taking? Do you have a tolerance to kratom? How strong is the kratom you are taking? The answer to these questions will help you figure out your kratom dose.

Start off with a low dose, this can't be emphasized enough! Remember, you can always take more. So what are the different doses?

Low dose of kratom:

1/2 teaspoon or about 2 grams (4 Capsules*)

Average dose of kratom

1 teaspoon or about 4 grams (8 Capsules*)

High dose of kratom

1 tablespoon or about 8 grams (16 Capsules*)

*Capsule weight is based off of High Sierra Herbals capsules (1/2 gram) and can vary between companies

Full stomach or empty stomach, this is an important factor in your dose size. A full stomach will delay the onset time and can make the effects less noticeable while an empty stomach will decrease the onset time and can make the effects more pronounced. On an empty stomach the onset time of kratom is about 30 minutes while with a full stomach the onset time can be around an hour or longer. You can increase the effects and lower the onset time by taking a potentiator, you can read all about potentiators here.

The effects of kratom can drastically vary depending on the dose that you take. A low dose can have a more energizing effect with mild euphoria while a higher dose can have a more sedative pain relieving effect with more pronounced euphoria. Too high of a dose can cause nausea and sometimes vomiting, which is why we recommend starting off small. Kratom is in the same family as coffee and can be used for a boost of energy but unlike coffee taking a high dose of kratom will cause a more sedative effect. Kratom has also been noted to create a less jittery energy than coffee and also help reduce anxiety. Many people who are sensitive to caffeine have found kratom to be a good alternative for an energy boost. If you are trying to get a boost of energy from kratom make sure to start off small and once you reach the desired effects do not take more or else you could end up feeling more sedated than energized. Along with the right dosage make sure you are taking the right strain for your needs. Check out our strain guide to find the right strain for you.

How often you take kratom can have an impact on the effects of kratom. If you have taken kratom within the last 24 hours you may notice that you need to take a higher dose to get the same effects. The best way to keep your tolerance down is to take a break from kratom for a couple days. We recommend only taking kratom 2-3 days a week to keep your tolerance down. Another way to keep your tolerance down is switching strains. Taking the same strain will cause you to build up a tolerance faster. If you have never taken kratom before we highly recommend starting with a low dose and slowly increasing it every hour until you have reached the desired effects. Be sure to keep track of your dose size and what strain you are taking so you know what dosage to take in the future.

Always keep in mind that different colors, strains and batches of kratom can have different potencies. Start off small whenever you are trying out a new bag of kratom so you can determine the potency. Keep in mind that effects can vary from person to person so what works for someone else may not work for you.

Taking the necessary steps in determining the dose of kratom will greatly improve your kratom experience and help you get your desired benefits. Use these tips and remember to start low and slow.

The information above is for informative purposes only.  Kratom is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and High Sierra Herbals does not claim that kratom can treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.  The information below is not given by a medical expert and you should always ask a physician before taking any herbal supplement.

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