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What is Kratom

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) is a tropical evergreen tree that grows in Southeast Asia and has been used for decades.  Laborers who work long hours will chew the leaves of the plant for an energy boost and to alleviate pain from long work days.  Kratom is relatively new in the western world but is growing in popularity as people are choosing to use plants rather than pharmaceuticals. 

The effects can vary depending on the location the plant is grown and the vein color of the leaf.  The main varieties of leaf colors are red, green and white.  The vein colors in the leaves can dictate the effects that the user will feel from the plant.​ 

Along with vein colors, is the location in which the kratom tree originated from i.e. White Sumatra, this is a white vein that originated in Sumatra. Strains of kratom trees are grown all over now, so you can get a Thai that was grown in Indonesia, the Thai just means that's where the plants genetics originated from. An exception to this is the Maeng Da strain. Maeng Da was was created by cross breeding of the most potent kratom trees to create an almost super strain.

The location or strain name gives insight to the effects of the body and mind felt from the plant with respect to the vein color.  So each strain can come in three different varieties of vein color; white, red and green.  Check out the next post on strain information to learn more about the effects of each color and strain.

Baby Thai Kratom Tree

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