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The History of the "Maeng Da" Kratom Strain

Updated: Sep 26, 2021

What does "Maeng Da" Translate to in English:

The direct translation from Thai to English is "pimp". The name "pimp" was given to this strain from the farm workers in Thailand who created it.

Why Was Maeng Da Kratom Created:

Maeng Da was created by farm workers in Thailand who wanted a potent, long lasting strain of kratom that gave both pain relief and energy. Long strenuous work days created a desire for a strain of kratom that would both alleviate pain from manual labor while being energetic and not sedative, as many pain relieving red vein strains are.

How was Maeng Da Kratom Created:

To create this strain there was a need to take the benefits of a high sedative pain relieving kratom strain and breed it with a more uplifting energizing strain. This breeding was done through a process called grafting. Grafting is done by cutting two separate plants between the root stock and the shoots then binding the two separate plants together with plant tape and wax. The plant tissue will mend together creating a nub, bringing the benefits of both plants into one. Through trial and error the Maeng Da strain was created, bringing a long lasting, pain relieving and energetic strain of kratom!

High Sierra Herbals offers red, white, green and gold vein Maeng Da kratom. While all three vein colors offer energy and pain relief, you will notice the white is the most energetic and the red is the most pain relieving, while the green is in the middle. All three vein colors are known for their long lasting effects.

The descriptions above are for informative purposes only.  Kratom is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration and High Sierra Herbals does not claim that kratom can treat, cure, prevent or diagnose any disease.  The information above is not given by a medical expert and you should always ask a physician before taking any herbal supplement.

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