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Twofer Tabs- Kratom+Delta8-THC Tablet

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Product Details

This one of a kind tablet has 800mg of premium green vein Kratom powder along with 5mg of Delta8-THC packed into a compact tablet the size of a size 0 capsule. Enjoy the benefits of Kratom as well as Delta8-THC as they compliment each other in one tablet. These lower dose Delta8-THC tablets are designed with subtlety in mind so that you can fine tune your dose without over doing it. Allow up to one and a half hours for full effects.

This product is intended for use only as a botanical specimen. High Sierra Herbals takes no responsibility for misuse of this product. Must be 21+ to purchase or posses. Kratom has not been evaluated by the FDA and has not been proven to treat/cure any disease or ailments.

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