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AutoLISP:Use the powerful and versatile programming language to program more ways to work with your drawings. Get started quickly with tutorials, templates, commands, and add-ins, and work at a higher level with extensive tool assistance. (video: 1:29 min.)Command Line Options:Take your drawing and other AutoCAD features to a new level. Use command-line options to create complex features that can be reused by scripts. (video: 1:21 min.)Printing:Stay in control with the Print Preview, Page Setup, and File history tools to ensure a perfect print. (video: 1:31 min.)Subscription License Models:Get the most out of AutoCAD by paying for a subscription. Join a community of AutoCAD users with benefits like advanced training, technical support, the latest AutoCAD releases, and more.For over thirty years, AutoCAD® has been leading the way in 2D design, engineering, and manufacturing software. AutoCAD® is a registered trademark of Autodesk, Inc.In AutoCAD® 2020, you’ll have the most productive design environment on the market. Powerful new tools, a streamlined interface, and productivity enhancements like structured drawing views, support for quad-ring and polyline clipping, and improved 2D pattern placement make 2020 your best choice. AutoCAD® 2020 software for the entire family of Windows platforms, from Windows® 10 to Windows® 7, is coming in early 2020.When you buy AutoCAD® software, you get a supported license that will run on the latest version of AutoCAD® that is available on release day. Your software can be used on any number of computers. You can also save your license to use on any number of computers that you own, which is ideal for desktop publishing or business firms that need more than one user.If you have questions about AutoCAD® software, please contact us.In the midst of the AutoCAD® 2020 revolution, AutoCAD® 2011 is still the ideal choice for users of earlier platforms. It has powerful new features like quad-ring and polyline clipping, improved 2D pattern placement, and even 3D printing. With AutoCAD® 2011 and AutoCAD® LT 2011, you’ll have the freedom to work on a wide variety of projects. With AutoCAD® 2010 2be273e24d

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