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Sierra Sunrise Blend (Powder)

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Sierra Sunrise is a blend of white vein kratom. This blend was carefully crafted with the active person in mind. Energy, focus and endurance best describes this blend. When your body wants to quit Sierra Sunrise is the perfect boost to get you across the finish line! Well suited for the morning time to get the day going without the jitters and crash of coffee. Sierra Sunrise provides the motivation and focus to get those long daunting tasks done with ease.

For split kilos put the other strains that you would like in the comment section. Max 4 strains per split kilo. For any special requests email

This product is intended for use only as a botanical specimen. High Sierra Herbals takes no responsibility for misuse of this product. Must be 21+ to purchase or posses. Kratom has not been evaluated by the FDA and has not been proven to treat/cure any disease or ailments.

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