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Liquid Kratom Extract Shot

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These fast hitting kratom extract shots will not disappoint even the most seasoned kratom enthusiasts. Each 10ml bottle is packed with 105-110mg of Mitragynine allowing for multiple servings per bottle. These shots have been noted to generate a boost of clear headed, euphoric and focused energy along with the strong relief that Mitragynine is known for creating a unique experience. All extracts are made in a GMP certified lab using only food grade solvents. Choose between original flavor or cold brew coffee.

This extract is not recommended for beginner kratom users. We always recommend to start small especially with extracts.

This product is intended for use only as a botanical specimen. High Sierra Herbals takes no responsibility for misuse of this product. Must be 21+ to purchase or posses. Kratom has not been evaluated by the FDA and has not been proven to treat/cure any disease or ailments.

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