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10% Mitragynine Extract Capsules

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This extract tested at 10% Mitragynine, while quality kratom leaf tests between 1%-2% Mitragynine. That means that this extract is roughly 8 times stronger than quality kratom leaf. Capsules weigh roughly half a gram. This extract has been noted to help very well with those looking for relief from pain.

This extract is not recommended for beginner kratom users. We always recommend to start small especially with extracts, 1 half gram capsule is equivalent to taking 8 half gram capsules of quality kratom powder.

This product is intended for use only as a botanical specimen. High Sierra Herbals takes no responsibility for misuse of this product. Must be 21+ to purchase or posses. Kratom has not been evaluated by the FDA and has not been proven to treat/cure any disease or ailments.

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